On Fledglings, Fatherhood, Femininity, and Foundation

(Photo: Fledgling Doves) (Previously published March 15, 2016)   An exploration in 4 parts...     1.The Fledglings This morning, out of necessity, I helped move a mourning dove nest with two fledglings. It was on top of a broken garage door gear box.  The technician arrived, climbed a ladder, and reached around to lift the fragile nest off... Continue Reading →


On the Spiritual Benefits of Makeup…

(Photo: Flowers, Green Acres Community Garden, Indiana) (Previously Published 2009) . . . or, how a makeover proved transcendent. Author's Note: I recently went out for a night on the town with two of my friends on the Urban Farmstead. While waiting for them both to arrive, I decided to pull out my new, self-assembled... Continue Reading →

On Transitioning to the Next

(Photo: View of Three Rivers, California) Tips to support leaving an area, from the practical to the energetic. Writer's note:  9/5/2016 I recently came back from a cross country working trip. When I walked through the back door, I suddenly had the distinct feeling that I was entering someone else's home.  I flipped on the lights and closed... Continue Reading →

Of Grinding Stones and the Veil

(Photo: Bondi Beach, Australia)   You are welcome here.  This is the first post. Once, I was down by a river, sitting on a massive flat rock where historic grinding holes still pocked the surface.  Holes that were centuries old, around which first nations women gathered to do the pounding work of making meal. I was there with friends, the family of the... Continue Reading →

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