Who am I, and What’s it About?

About me:

I’m a women’s health professional at midlife with one eye for detail, a second for healing, and a third eye on Spirit.  When not working, I’m finding other hermiting activities to do (because one can’t have too many), most of them creative.  Training and teaching adventures have taken me cross country, to several countries, and moving through the inner landscape.  I’m grateful to all my teachers and mentors for sharing their lineages with me.

About this blog:

These posts are personal reports from a life lived near the Veil … And of the adventures, learning, and perspective that comes from that. (Yeeeehaaaaa!!)

May something here spark the part of you that remembers a deeper reality of meaningfulness, purpose, connectedness, and beauty.

Posts will be sporadic, as inspired.

Please note, essays, photos and art on this site are original and copyrighted. Do not reproduce without permission. Thank you.


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