On Transitioning to the Next

(Photo: View of Three Rivers, California)

Tips to support leaving an area, from the practical to the energetic.

Writer’s note:  9/5/2016

I recently came back from a cross country working trip. When I walked through the back door, I suddenly had the distinct feeling that I was entering someone else’s home.  I flipped on the lights and closed the door.  Was this really correct?  I looked around.  There were my icons, my furniture, even the characteristic messy piles on the desk and table… Yes, I was seeing the objects of my life, but they felt oddly like someone else’s.  It was quite disorienting.  I felt panic rising in my chest.

Have I changed that much in the last three weeks?  That where my reality vibrates at now is so different than the reality I left here three weeks ago?   

It’s possible. It’s happened before. 

In the past when I have had this kind of premonition, reliably about 6-10 months later my home is moved again.  (Not quite as dramatic as the movie ‘Like Water for Chocolate’, but you get the idea). However, much like the movie, I *have* felt myself intuitively directed where I need to be, and for how long, preferring to measure my time by this internal clock and alignment instead of outer ones… often much to the worry and dismay of those who loved me, as they’d see me make decisions which were looking quite impractical.  Yet, inside, they were congruent. I was on my path. I was being led. It was correct.  (Hey, it’s what happens with ‘late bloomers’.  If we weather our first 30 years with integrity, we arrive at the middle third of life with a sense of trust for our different timing and direction.)

I’m digging up this old post to bring the information back into present time.  It’s useful, and I might need it sometime next year.  Or not.  Free Will and all.  We’ll see…

(This post was originally published 2009)

For the first time in my life, I considered moving to another state several months ahead instead of within a few weeks.  The rewards of such are many, including a sense of natural unwinding that is bittersweet.

The following pearls are what I have learned along the way, starting with the practical, and moving into the metaphysical. Enjoy.

1) Look at the unscheduled time you’ll have between now and said transition, and leave it open for doing things you have to do to take care of yourself.

2) Buy frozen dinners and keep stocked so that when you need to eat, someone has already cooked for you, and you can stay on task.

3) Get a box of kleenex for the day that it hits you what it is you are leaving behind, and what it is you are actually doing. The body has to grieve to stay healthy. Let the tears flow.

4) Write this on a sticky note and keep it on the inside of your front door, or on the middle of your steering wheel: “Be here, now.”

5) Make a list of all things undone that you need to get done before you leave. Allow yourself time to do them on the weekends you reserved for you. Check out what stands in that transition doorway for you, making exit not possible, and begin negotiations first with self to know your truth, then with other.

6) As you go about your day, bring to it the awareness that soon you will be gone, and watch what magic happens in your perspective.

6-A) And, allow yourself to feel comforted by the universe when you see the new people coming forward to move into the spaces you are leaving behind. Being given the ability to see what is moving in to fill the void is actually a moment of grace and confirmation that lets you know that you are supported in moving on, and so is everyone else. It is a private glimpse of the man behind the machine, working for the good of all.

6-B) Accept that you being in transition gives the opportunity for everyone connected to you to transition in some way. It’s best not to personalize the reactions.

7) If you begin to feel confused about why you are leaving…if you begin to doubt yourself and your path…if you begin to falter on your course that you have set…then go into your heart and talk to yourself and Source. Ask your questions. Get your answers. Reconnect with your information about what is true for you. And own it once more. Reset your internal compass and watch how that realigns your external world.

7-A) if you can’t arrive back on your path on your own, ask a friend to help you remember who you are and what you are about. A true friend will know.

8) Receive parting gifts graciously. It is an art.

9) Be true about farewells, and how you express them.

10) Be true about gratitude, and how you embody it.

11) Look around at your ‘old school ground’ and let yourself feel gratitude for the life you created here: the friends you attracted to join you in your learning in this ‘playground’, the ‘classroom’ where you went every day for 5 days a week to study and learn, the side cast characters that came into your life to prompt the growth that was so uncomfortable at first, but which, as you worked your homework, were seen as the sharpening stones that they are, and not the problem. And be amused!

11-A) Know that what life you have created here is the new standard for what life you can create anywhere. The abundance of creating goes with you, because it IS you. It is not dependent on a particular place, only on your happiness and willingness to be in it wherever you are next.

12) Remember that it is possible to transition peacefully with acknowledgement of what there is to love about where you have been, and not have to create a negative drama in order to leave and move on. We can transition many ways.  Pick your style and hold true.

13) Above all, know that what was truly connected will stay in touch, what was impermanent will fade away, and what fertile potentials there were to explore, will still be with you, wherever you go, to take up some day.  Your growth and it’s opportunities goes with you.

May all transitions be blessed!


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