Of Grinding Stones and the Veil

(Photo: Bondi Beach, Australia)


You are welcome here.  This is the first post.

Once, I was down by a river, sitting on a massive flat rock where historic grinding holes still pocked the surface.  Holes that were centuries old, around which first nations women gathered to do the pounding work of making meal. I was there with friends, the family of the sort you pick.  In our sun warmed silence, one of them opened up and shared the following story…

She had been meditating on a grinding rock near her home up north, when suddenly the Veil thinned, and she found herself among the ancient women who were busily making acorn meal in that same place, but centuries ago.

There they were, together.

After a moment, the women began to notice my friend.

Hello!  You are Spirits!” my friend said to them brightly.

They looked at her.

No,” they replied matter-of-fact, “YOU are the Spirit.


Think about that.


Just when I think I am ‘sure’ about something, along comes a bigger framework to orient around. (A sense of humor helps!)

And so, this blog.

These posts are personal reports from a life lived near the Veil… And of the adventures and wild perspective reorienting that comes from that.  (Yeeeehaaaaa!!)

Now in midlife, I see this perspective has worth outside my own tiny world. I see it can be shared in a way that is useful.

May something in this blog spark the part of you that remembers a deeper reality of meaningfulness, purpose, connectedness, and beauty. May it make a little elbow room to help you see when Spirit shows up in your world. Because it’s happening, for everyone. After all, we are spirits having a human experience (not the other way around, and no matter what moment in Time we are…).   Remember?

Posts will be sporadic, as inspired.

Thank you for visiting.


18 thoughts on “Of Grinding Stones and the Veil

  1. So happy to see your new blog, M! Thanks for the reminder that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Love your insights – keep ’em coming! xo

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  2. Looking forward to your insights!

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  3. Perspective is everything! I have always loved the insight and light you shine. Now there is just a formal place for them to call home. I cannot wait to see the beauty that can flow through this space.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow Erika, thank you! I can’t wait to see it either… this creative project has really gotten the energy moving over here…


  4. Great job!

    Welcome to the world of blogs and look forward to what you share.

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  5. What a wonderful way to share your radiance, Megan. Thank you. I’ll look forward to reading more.

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    1. Thank you so much Beth! Your life as a writer inspires me!


  6. Such a lovely post. So nice to be reminded to look for the thin places where the presence of God can be known to us ….truly the thin places are all around for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. ❤️️

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    1. Yes yes yes Cynthia! Icons make it easy to see but it’s really everywhere! 😉


  7. What a beautiful voice you have. A talent for conveying hints of the depth that lies behind the words. And beneath the Veil. Congratulations on a valued and valuable blog. Cousin Roxane

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  8. This was a really good shining of reality. I appreciate your sensitivity to Spirit. The spirit in me honors the spirit in you. Thank you for your posts.

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    1. Thank you Robin! Love seeing you here!


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