On Owning our Full Feminine

My thoughts for today, woman's day:  Your hips, your lips, your breasts, your womb, your hair, your crotch, your legs, your hands, your eyes, your eyelashes, your dimples, your smiles, your ass, your belly, your movements, your thoughts, your fiesty... what here has not been sexualized and co-opted by culture seeking to own you more... Continue Reading →


On What the Flowers Said. And Why I Said Yes.

  * In my twenties, I lived on a persimmon farm, far from where I was born. On days when I didn't feel well, and there were many back then, I'd wander outside into the blazing daylight, spread a blanket, and lie down in the lush grass between rows of organic trees.  This was a... Continue Reading →

Of Love and Betrayal

(photo: barnacles and driftwood, from Louisiana coastline, Rockefeller preserve) (originally published January 9, 2016)  "Courage, dear heart." - C.S. Lewis A few thoughts on love and betrayal this morning. We don't own or control love. We don't create it, begin it, end it. We decide to allow it or resist it, or in our wisdom redirect... Continue Reading →

on Becoming Solo, Kicking Ass, and Thriving

(Photo overlay: from a Blue Morpho Butterfly breeding station at Chaa Creek Lodge, Belize.)  (updated 12/13/16) My aunt once told me "I feel sorry for who you are with."  As an astrologer known for her biting humor, she was joking (...maybe?) as she eyed my birth chart, pointing to six planets in Libra clustered in the place of communication. That's a... Continue Reading →

On being in an Oxbow

(Photo: Green Acres Community Garden pond, Bloomington, Indiana) (revised 3/29/17) Dedicated to C.   16 years ago in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I learned about ‘Oxbow’ lakes. It was once a curvy segment of a moving river. But, through the accumulation of soil and debris at key points, it became gradually cut off from it’s source,... Continue Reading →

On Adventure, Elders, and DNA Wisdom

(Photo: View of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon) About a decade ago I went to a family reunion for my southern grandfather's people. Who were these folks?   I didn't know much except the stories. Growing up, I'd seen a black and white photo of a large family in early 1900's Turkish garb. I had a vague memory of my... Continue Reading →

On Prophecy and Paradox in Dating

(Photo: hand sewn patch on a family quilt) (Previously published on Oct. 22, 2015)   A year ago, on my birthday, I stood in the post office, waiting in line. I had just turned 40.  A few months earlier I'd ended a long term partnership to move cross country and start over. In front of me a middle aged mother stood... Continue Reading →

Of Heartbreak and Authenticity

(Photo: typical Cajun homestead, Vermillionville Cultural Center, Louisiana) (Previously published on Nov. 20, 2015)   I am fascinated at the multidimensional changes that accompany ending communication with someone we love: - The physically painful drop in addictive 'feel good' neurotransmitters, and the physically painful death of neurological wiring. - The way the heart randomly skips... Continue Reading →

On Dissolving and Differentiating

(Photo:  Cypress grove, Lake Martin Preserve, Louisiana) (Previously published on Jan. 28, 2016)   So today I scoop heart back into body. Plug into outlet of spine. Hit the on switch. Take a deep breath... boundaries, M. Find your edges, M. This is my self talk today. I thought of this as I peeled open... Continue Reading →

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